WOOFAA Algal Oxygen Bar in a Cabinet


Pricing scheme (HK$)

  • Buy Full Set: $56,830
  • Buy On-site Service: $16,800/year
  • Rent-1-year: $50,000 (on-site service included) + $22,800 refundable deposit
  • Rent-1-event: $32,000 (< 30-day) + $28,000 refundable deposit
  • Rental Extension 1-quarter: $6,000/quarter

A greentech as-seen in NASA and NAVY on ambient air revitalization

WOOFAA AOB-Cabinet is an easy to deploy greentech product giving unique air revitalization functionality while being aesthetics at the same time.

It is the only greentech product you can buy off-the-shelf which can generate measurable amount of oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide at the same time.

It is made in standard size. With a simple 220VAC power supply the cabinet is just a plug-and-play.

Specifications & Prerequisites

  • Size: 50 x 50 x200H cm, weight < 200 kg with algal fluid
  • Cabinet mobility: four industrial grade castors are mounted to enable mobility when tank is empty. Castors are convertible to fixed footing when the tank is filled
  • Power: 220VAC, < 80W, including 3 groups of LED lights
  • Operational control: automated by timers, configurable using a free mobile IoT APP
  • Air circuitry: intake from cabinet bottom, and fan-assisted exhaust at cabinet top, air flow rate is about 100 CMH
  • Air sterilization: COVID-19 certified bipolar ionizer at exhaust
  • Advertising panel: iPad Pro 12.9″ for slideshow from per-stored image (cloud-based management platform option available for non-iPad display)
  • A 50cm clearance is needed for either side of the cabinet for water changing and tank cleaning service. Front bottom is also needs to be accessible for a 50cm clearance

On-site Algal Fluid Quality Control Service

We offer on-site service as a separate contract from purchase of cabinet. You can buy the service on annual basis. We shall come to your site at least once monthly for:

  • Measure of algal fluid quality on multiple parameters, including but not limited to: pH, TDS, ORP and water temperature
  • Change water and clean tank surfaces as needed
  • Add nutrient solution as needed
  • Update of light switching timer and sequence if needed
  • Spray of UC50 surface disinfectant inside and outside cabinet to minimize risk of germs cultivation
WOOFAA AOB (Algal Oxygen Bar) Cabinet Brings Forest Air to City


Maintenance of an AOB is as easy as keeping a fresh water aquarium tank:

  • Change water monthly, replace 1/3 of algal fluid with direct fresh tap water (good in Hong Kong)
  • Add fixed amount of nutrient solution monthly after fresh water refilled. First year consumption is included in the order. Subsequent purchase is available in our shop (typical budget HK$200/month)
  • Full tank algal medium (100L) is included in the order. The microalgae grows itself if properly operated as instructed. So re-purchase of algal medium is seldom needed.
  • Training and user manual are available on order delivery
WOOFAA AOB (Algal Oxygen Bar) Cabinet Brings Forest Air to City


We accept customization order for cabinet size and outlook alternation, as well as integration between algal tubes and vertical green walls.

We can work with your interior designer for unique looks of aquarium walls or fixtures.

We can even incorporate fish tanks and hydroponic facility as an educational unit to demonstrate sustainable life cycle to students, as well as to illustrate corporate ESG audience on concepts of Carbon Neutrality, Carbon Negative, Carbon Capture and Storage, Net-Zero Emissions Economy and Blue Bioeconomy.

AOB Hotpot Challange
Hot Pot Challenge

Guess what were the CO2 levels in a 10m2 room before and after a bunch of people working on 2 portable stoves burning in maximum power for the pots?

Typically it would go up from a 500 ppm ambience to over 2,000 ppm within 5 minutes.

Having some 100L algal fluid working in the room, it was kept to below 1,000 ppm for nearly 30 minutes.

No any other air purifier, or even household size ventilation fan, could deliver the same performance in regard to oppressing ambient CO2 built-up.