Direct CO2 Reduction
make your home to have a zero-carbon footprint, and forest-grade air freshness too

Climate Action

Air pollution not only contributes to climate change but is also exacerbated by it.

Scientists have been warning the world that the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, in which CO2 being a majority, needs to go down by 45% from 2010 levels by 2030.

Bridge the Gap

Algal cultivation is a niche industry with very few knowledge developed for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gases in non-industrial setting.

UrbanClimo has a mission to fill the gap, and to bring commercial grade solutions for mass-market participation.


Algal Photosynthesis

Algae in water produce some 80% of the oxygen (O2) on Earth by decomposing carbon dioxide (CO2) in atmosphere. They lead because their photosynthetic rate is tens time faster than plants on ground soil.

Enable Climate Action

Offer Accountable Urban Greening

Climate Action

Ever tried the effort of cutting your energy consumption?

Our algal appliance can reduce much more CO2 than switching off lighting and air-conditioner. You can stay being a true friend to the Earth, while maintaining adequate lighting level and indoor thermal comfort. We do not need you to sacrifice your enjoyment of living to become green.

Urban Greening

Key barrier of urban greening is the contest of land use

Quantitatively for every 100L of algal water has an air cleaning power equivalent to 16 grown trees. Our development of compact size algal appliances will enable you to have the feel of being in a forest without the need of planting all over the space.