Algal Oxygen Bar. Smart appliance with NASA tech to revitalize ambient air you breathe.

Photo: Bubbles of pure oxygen saturated by microalgae in culture medium when it is shone by bright light

Direct CO2 Reduction
make your workplace to have a zero-carbon footprint, and bonus with forest-grade air freshness too

Algal Photosynthesis

Great number of authoritative researches and studies have verified that microalgae has a photosynthesis rate at least 20+ times faster then any terrestrial plant on Earth.

So a bottle of algal water can produce pure oxygen as much as 20+ pots of plant of its bottle size. But how to cultivate the microalgae and recirculate indoor air efficiently without producing germs, call for great engineering design. That’s where and what our HVAC and smart control knowledge applies.

Microalgae has great value to mankind and to the Earth. Apart from cleaning air it is rich in protein and can become biofuel. That’s why NASA and others are eager to develop knowledge on how to grow and to use them in space and in deep sea conditions.

Standardized AOB Product

Since we commit to develop this GreenTech a year ago, we have come to our 3rd generation of photobioreactor design. We see that a standard size cabinet can help end-user to decide much easier on where and how many to deploy them in their premises.

CO2 fixation power of microalgae has been well researched and quantified by scientists around the world. From those data we convert amount of algal water to equivalence of forest tree photosynthesis rates using research findings from NCSU.edu:

Our AOB-STEM model, operating 60 liters of algal water, has an equivalence of air revitalization capacity as 8 grown forest trees.

The AOB-STEM is sized just like a drink water machine, way smaller footprint than 1 tree!

Market Segments

Microalgae has all the goodness on Earth, with just one fatal fact prohibiting it to be widely use in the past: it has a short life cycle, typically just 15~25 days. Its dead body, is somehow toxic to new generations if remains in that same water body.

Our solution is simple, change water regularly like traditional aquarium to dilute the problem. With our patent-pending smart control facility built-in, our water changing frequency is one-month, way better than others on from daily to biweekly basis. Based on this advantage, we are delivery AOB into these three market segments:

Carpark Lobby

Shopping Mall Toilet

Private Patient Ward

Enable Climate Action

Offer Accountable Urban Greening

Climate Action

Ever tried the effort of cutting your energy consumption?

Our algal appliance can reduce much more CO2 than switching off lighting and air-conditioner. You can stay being a true friend to the Earth, while maintaining adequate lighting level and indoor thermal comfort. We do not need you to sacrifice your enjoyment of living to become green.

Urban Greening

Key barrier of urban greening is the contest of land use

Quantitatively for every 100L of algal water has an air cleaning power equivalent to 16 grown trees. Our development of compact size algal appliances will enable you to have the feel of being in a forest without the need of planting all over the space.